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To leverage technology to transform education to improve the learning and lives of students.


The goals of the New York State Model Schools Consortium are to:

      *Enhance communication among BOCES/RICS and the State Education Department by sharing information and resources with each other and local school districts.

      *Support learning through quality curriculum, staff and organizational development.

      *Collaborate with the State Education Department in planning and implementing technology integration through curriculum, instruction and assessment.

      *Provide professional development leadership.

      *Network with other professional organizations.

      Internet Safety Course Information

Module 1- The Social Web

It is crucial to become acquainted with the different aspects of the Web today. Participants will be guided through the following areas: Social Networking; developing and understanding Social Bookmarking; becoming familiar with the next generation of the Web, and MUVES (Multi-User-Virtual-Environments). Participants are encouraged to create profiles in the different areas of this module and share their experience with other participants.

Module 2- Cyber Citizenship, Ethics, and Cyber Safety

Keeping our identity safe in this day and age is essential. Many people are unaware of how and why they should. This module will provide participants with the tools to keep them safe online. Along with being safe online, participants will explore different ways to be ethical while using the Web. The last part of the module briefly covers Cyber Predators.

Module 3- Copyright and Intellectual Property

In this fast growing information world, it is essential to keep abreast of changes in Copyright and Fair use. Educators need to constantly be aware of how and when they can use copyrighted material. This section was created to provide information that was gathered from years of conferences and staff development. This module in no way is meant to be used as legal advice.

Module 4- Strategies for Safe Schools

Becoming familiar with the web is only the first step. Being able to use these different applications properly, effectively, and safely in schools is our ultimate goal. This module will provide examples of how other educators around the nation are using the web safety with the students and their school.

Prerequisites for taking the course:
    • The following sites will need to be accessed

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Carmalita Seitz (

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